This is usually the part where we hit you with a belabored and overly long introduction about how awful everything is right now, and how (to invert a quote from the recently passed Wilford Brimley) we’re all going to get sick, we’re all going to get older, and we’re all going to die. Sigh.

But let’s skip all that junk this time around (too late?) and get right to the good stuff: Milwaukee power-pop project Daydream Retrievers has a new song, “Static On TV,” and it’s great. Seriously: it’s really, really, really great. Fans of Apples In Stereo and/or taking a three-minute-and-13-second break from screaming into the void will be delighted:

Daydream Retrievers is the not-quite-solo project of Ian Olvera. The prolific Milwaukee musician and producer played everything but the drums on the group’s self-titled 2018 debut; for “Static On TV,” however, he’s joined by a local cast of ringers that includes Ryan McCrary, Sam Reitman, Steve Sampson, and Thomas Wincek. Are more digital-only Daydream Retrievers releases planned for 2020? Yes. Yes they are.

So yeah: Turn off the noise and listen to “Static On TV” now. And if you’re looking for a way to turn off the noise for 90-plus minutes, here’s the time Olvera and friends (Hi Kelly and Shea!) joined us in watching The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. Fun!

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