Even though it’s not the nightmare it was last year, this year’s official Milwaukee Summer (brought to you by American Family Insurance) feels a bit…different. Maybe it’s the festivals that didn’t make it. Maybe it’s the memory of a year where people showed their true colors. Maybe it’s just the weather, which was kind of gloomy yesterday.

Another thing that’s different: Milwaukee dance pop outfit Lauryl Sulfate + Her Ladies Of Leisure, now simply known as The LOL. In a new single and video called “Laguna,” The LOL show off an updated sound to go with that name change. The group’s glittering disco strings of yore have been replaced with a darker, ’80s-tinged synth vibe. The video, too (much of it filmed at Atwater Beach) is a moody, black-and-white affair, playing less like last year’s jubilant “Selfie” and more like a Bergman film shot in portrait mode.

Sulfate tells us “Laguna” is the first single from a new album—tentatively titled Pretend This Is An Album—set for release this fall or winter. Like the darker “Basement Show” before it, we dig the hell out of it.

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