Whether you’re currently reading this article on your phone, on a computer or tablet at home, or while hunched over a desk in your office, there’s a good chance you’re currently looking for a momentary distraction from work, consuming news, or catching up on emails. It’s okay. We know the feeling! Though technology has its great points (and is pretty much the reason Milwaukee Record even exists), it’s also important to step away from screens, get outside, and enjoy your surroundings. Sean Anderson wholeheartedly agrees.

Anderson—a Milwaukee musician you might know from Yum Yum Cult and Antler House—acknowledges humankind’s growing disassociation with nature, our ever-increasing need to take a break from technology, and the importance of protecting wildlife in “No Creature Left Behind,” a new single from his Supertentacles solo venture’s soon-to-be-released sophomore album. In addition to recently treating listeners to the track from Supertentacles’ forthcoming King Of Nothing (which the singer and multi-instrumentalist plans to release sometime in June), Anderson released a video for the lead single today.

The “No Creature Left Behind” music video was filmed by Anderson and his fiancée Brie Keane. Using a collection of animal figures inherited from one of Keane’s relatives, the creative couple paired the handcrafted creatures with different landscapes they filmed in and around Milwaukee over the course of about a month. Anderson edited the footage into the final version of the video you see below, and he also self-recorded the entirety of King Of Nothing in his home studio. Take a few minutes to embrace nature by watching the “No Creature Left Behind” music video…then, like, actually go outside for a while.

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