When Ryan Lowe puts his mind to something, he can’t be stopped. Not only is the veteran comedian one of the funniest and most innovate people in Milwaukee stand-up, his mad genius has manifested itself in the forms of old time radio, film, and puppetry. In 2013, Lowe released a self-shot and self-directed feature film adaptation of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick in which every character—including the eponymous whale—was a puppet he crafted himself.

Following that foray into felt-focused filmmaking, Lowe has decided to put stand-up on the shelf for the time being (though he’ll fortunately take part in this weekend’s Cream City Comedy Festival) to focus on his latest venture in puppetry. Sunday, Lowe launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for MKE Puppet Theater. He plans for the theater to host live show for both adults and for children, as well as video projects. While Lowe’s promise that “there is nothing like what [he’s] got planned for you” is kind of vague, if the first MKE Puppet Theater presentation is any indication, it’s worth throwing a few bucks in the campaign’s direction.

“Zombie Sunday” is a humorous take on the undead genre with a wholesome twist. Voiced, shot, and puppeteered by Lowe in his home, the 15-minute short shows he’s made significant strides since Moby-Dick, both behind the camera and in regard to puppet quality. Check out “Zombie Sunday” below. If you like what you see and want to see more from MKE Puppet Theater in the future, consider donating.

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