Things have been uncharacteristically quiet over at the GGOOLLDD camp lately. Of course, a live music-shuttering global pandemic isn’t exactly a recipe for productivity. But just because we haven’t heard from the Milwaukee/Louisiana synth-pop purveyors for a couple years (save for appearances at Summerfest and PridetoberFest in 2021), that doesn’t mean they haven’t been staying busy. In fact, GGOOLLDD had an entire EP recorded and nearly ready to release. Emphasis on “had.”

Due to a broken hard drive that wasn’t backed up, the band lost all its new material and was forced to attempt to rewrite the just-composed songs completely from memory. We’re not sure if this version of “Superstar”—the first single released from that re-recorded batch of songs—is anything like the original, but it’s outstanding nonetheless. With pounding percussion, a bouncing bass line, and flourishes of guitar and keys, the song (which hit streaming platforms today) picks up right where GGOOLLDD’s 2020 album, the altogether wonderful Here We Are, left off.

Between the shimmering and summer-suited instrumentation and Margaret Butler’s commanding-yet-catchy vocals, “Superstar” simultaneously makes us long for those lost recordings from the never-released EP and gets us excited to hear the new renditions when the band puts them out on a song-by-song basis this year. As you wait to see GGOOLLDD play live in Milwaukee this summer (more on that next week!), you can listen to “Superstar” now.

And if Spotify is your preferred streaming platform, you can listen to “Superstar” below.

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