Since putting out its boisterous debut, Conscience Of The King (which we declared to be the 44th best Milwaukee album of the 2010s) in 2013, Temple has been fairly quiet. In preparation for its 15-state, 27-show, 27-day west coast tour in support of Conscience’s recent vinyl release, the Milwaukee rockers put out a video for a new song called “Like Nothing In This Life.” The video’s concept is much simpler than the math-y, fret-board-tapping, time-signature-shifting song with which it’s paired. The band’s session at Howl Street Recordings from June 12-13 was filmed by Eliot Sell, who then spliced the footage he’d shot over the two day session together to synch up with the song’s final version.

“Like Nothing In This Life” will be formally released this fall on Temple’s forthcoming Kill/Let Die 7-inch.

Temple – Like Nothing In This Life from Jamie Yanda on Vimeo.

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