By their own admission, SistaStrings sisters Monique and Chauntee Ross stand out in the Milwaukee music scene. In the latest video from Cream City Soundcheck—a short video series from UWM’s doc|UWM program—the duo puts it this way: “Being black sisters that play violin and cello…it’s just a natural ‘What’s that?’ factor. When you see two black girls pick up an instrument…and maybe we play classical, maybe we play R&B, maybe we play a jazz standard.”

So what better way to up that surprise factor than by taking SistaStrings golfing at Nine Below, Milwaukee’s premier “indoor, underground mini-golf course”? Following in the footsteps of past entries (which found Lex Allen flying a kite and a pre-Reyna Vic and Gab cruising around a bicycle park), Cream City Soundcheck lets the Ross sisters loose in the East Side “maker’s golf” space, shows them building their own course, and even makes time for a disapproving cameo from President Obama. Interview footage, a performance at Company Brewing, and a hole called “Hole Lotta Woman” round out the video. Check it out below.