We’d like to take this opportunity to share our personal thoughts about Milwaukee’s Shank Hall:

Shank Hall is the “best music venue in town.” We feel this way because Shank Hall has spent the last 34 years hosting “amazing shows from artists all over the world.” Even better, Shank Hall has done this while seeing “literally hundreds of places [that aren’t Shank Hall] go out of business.” Shank Hall is the best because it’s a “dedicated music room on a club level,” and not some “back room of a bar or coffee shop.”

Plus, when we were there in 2017, we saw Corey Feldman knock his tooth out:

Anyway, Shank Hall plans to apply for an all-ages license in October. (“So that, for appropriate shows, we can be all ages, 18 plus or 21 and older.”) Also, it recently installed brand new carpet “for the first time this century.” Here’s an absolutely on-brand press release that we totally didn’t quote from earlier:


As we celebrate our 34th anniversary in November and begin our 35th year, we will continue to have amazing shows from artists all over the world. Since opening the dedicated live music club on Farwell Avenue on Milwaukee’s East Side, we have seen literally hundreds of places that feature live music go out of business. We are so thankful our business model has survived now into our unmatchable 35 years.

During this Summerfest break we have installed brand new carpet for the first time this century. Also, we have upgraded our Wi-Fi and credit card and cash registers to make transactions faster and easier. The men’s room remodel is also finished along with other minor upgrades.

The big change will come with our license renewal on October 30, when we will apply for and receive a public entertainment all-age license so that, for appropriate shows, we can be all ages, 18 plus or 21 and older. We realize we have the best music venue in town and need younger people to appreciate a dedicated music room on a club level that is not a back room of a bar or coffee shop but a wholly dedicated space for live music.

We kick the celebration of the start of our 35th year with a special show tomorrow with Puddles Pity Party on July 12 at 8 p.m.

End of press release. Here’s a random picture of Rio Turbo opening for that 2017 Corey Feldman show. Love ya/miss ya, Rio Turbo!

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I saw Corey Feldman play the show of his life, knock his tooth out, and then look for his tooth

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