When we last checked in with Scam Likely, the upstart alt/indie-rock band was busy releasing one of the best Milwaukee albums of 2023, Getting Worse. From the woozy goth-romantic vibe of “Domestic Bliss” to the cathartic release of “Jesus Christ, Stop Yelling I’m Right Here,” the album was a fantastic introduction to one of the city’s best new groups. If you haven’t listened to Getting Worse in a while (or ever!), give it a spin now:

So what’s next for Scam Likely? Good news! A new album, Yolk, is on the horizon! Described as the sound of “the band reckoning with the realities and anxieties of contemporary youth, letting it fall past them, and pulling joy from a world of abscess and excess,” the record will be released on April 12. A release show at the Vivarium (with Gramma and Clementine) will follow on April 13.

Ahead of that release, Scam Likely has released the record’s first single, “Winner.” Everything about the impeccably produced track screams “bigger and better”: the chugging bass, the glowering guitars, the nervy drums, the terrific vocals from Charlee Grider. Listen to it now:

“I’m elated to share these songs with the world,” Grider says in a press release. “Compared to our first album, we really took the time to explore our sound and expand on the musical ideas we connected over.”

“This past year was the most eventful of our entire lives, our perspectives were constantly changing,” adds drummer Cary Dean Elger. “We had so much to write about and as our songwriting improved it felt like having a fresh canvas to work with.”

Also, we love this Scam Likely moment from last year’s Locust Street Festival. Here’s to a winning 2024!

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