One of our favorite Milwaukee songs of 2022 was “Jesus Christ Stop Yelling I’m Right Here” by Scam Likely. (Note: This was also one of our favorite Milwaukee song titles of 2022.) At the time of its release, “Stop Yelling” was the only song available from the self-described gothic-punk four-piece; now, days ahead of the January 20 release of the band’s debut album Getting Worse, we can all enjoy three new Scam Likely songs. So let’s do that!

Up first is the creeping and vaguely menacing “Watch Your Step,” complete with a Pixies-esque bass line and hell of a lyric in the chorus (“I don’t care how it looks / I like how it feels”):

Next is the occasionally jagged, occasionally soaring “Sushi At Gunpoint.” Singer Charlee Grider is terrific here, spitting out lines like “I changed everything you asked me to” and “Spare me that stupid fucking smile”:

And finally, our new favorite Scam Likely song—and yeah, it’s early, but our favorite Milwaukee song of 2023—”Domestic Bliss.” Featuring a woozy goth-romantic vibe and a guitar line that channels New Order’s “Age Of Consent,” it’s the track that has us most excited for Getting Worse:

We should mention that we’re not the only ones excited for Getting Worse; a January 21 album release show at The Back Room @ Colectivo (featuring support from Scarlet Demore and Diet Lite) is already sold out. All hail Scam Likely!

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