On Sunday, the beloved and long-running Locust Street Festival of Music and Art returned for its first official installment since 2019. The weather was…well, it was pretty crappy. Cold, wet, and windy, the day felt more like a random day in March than a festival in June. But you know what? Nobody cared! The show went on, the music was great, and Riverwest was in high spirits. Great job, Milwaukee!

We dropped by the big shindig to take some pictures and shoot some video. Sadly, we missed the Beer Run, but we did manage to capture a sizable chunk of the fest before our phones ran out of juice. (Sorry we didn’t get everyone!) See you next year, Locust Street!

Black Husky Brewing co-owner Tim Eichinger

Jim Linneman

Lake Drive


Mortgage Freeman

Scam Likely


Bug Moment

Bug Moment

Bluegrass All-Stars

Social Cig


Random high school reunion. Hi Tony! Hi Kim!

Robot Witch

Diet Lite

The MilBillies


Gold Steps

De La Buena. RIP Cecilio Negrón Jr.

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