If you’ve never heard of Royal Mill, allow us to get you up to speed. The self-described “existential indie rock” outfit quietly took shape during the pandemic before releasing its self-titled debut EP in early 2023. Along the way, the band has played sporadic shows throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs, and has garnered some local press on the weight of that encouraging first release.

This year will find Royal Mill playing more shows and adding a few more singles to its already attention-grabbing recorded catalog. The first gig of 2024 will take place at Ope! Brewing Co. in nearby West Allis on Friday, January 19, which will celebrate the release of the band’s first single of the year that will hit streaming platforms that same day.

“Falls Apart” follows the trajectory of its predecessor, as soaring and swelling guitars intertwine with pounding percussion and melodies that are equal parts infectious and emotive. The single somehow manages to offer heaps of lyrical vulnerability while also being an earworm worthy of regular rotation on local radio (your move, WMSE and 88Nine!).

Singer Matty Timmons tells Milwaukee Record the song is about him and his now-wife adjusting to a variety of uncontrollable mishaps related to his proposal, their wedding planning, and even their wedding day, and still making the best of each moment because they had each other.

“The song is about finding the person that, no matter what happens in life, you know everything’s going to be okay with,” Timmons says. “It’s about being with someone that you can look to at any chaotic or crazy or frustrating situation and say ‘if it falls apart, it falls apart.'”

Before Friday’s (free!) single release show at Ope! Brewing Co. and prior to the release of other songs that are slated to hit streamers in March and April, do yourself a favor and listen to “Falls Apart” now.

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