Back when the Beatles were a struggling band playing dingy clubs and ratty ballrooms, John Lennon would cheer the group on with a rallying cry. “Where are we going, fellas?” Lennon would ask. “To the top, Johnny!” the rest of the Beatles would reply. Lennon: “Where’s that, fellas?” The Beatles: “To the toppermost of the poppermost!”

Was Lennon’s “toppermost” rallying cry a reference to Top Of The Pops, Britain’s long-running music television show that premiered in 1964? Well, the Beatles were already kind of a big deal in ’64, but let’s just say it was. Anyway, here’s a new video from Milwaukee’s Rexxx, which features the groovy opening graphics and overall vibe of TOTP. Let’s hear the fabulous rock and roll sound of “Animal”!

Rexxx’s performance was shot for a pre-COVID livestream by Milwaukee video production company Mindpool. Guitarist Ryan Reeve then took the footage, cut it to the studio version of “Animal” (from the band’s excellent 2020 record Pure Pleasure II), and added the TOTP intro. Oh, and the snippets of animal vs. animal footage.

And there you have it! Happy new year, you filthy [song and video title]s!

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