Tonight at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, local psychedelic pop band Ravi/Lola will celebrate the release of its latest album, Neighborhood Daydream. “I enjoy writing stories and character sketches in our songs and it coincidentally came out with a neighborhood focus,” singer-songwriter Casey Seymour says about the record. “The neighborhood of Riverwest and the neighborhoods of Milwaukee in general inspired me, as well as the people in my life.”

About some of those people: Neighborhood Daydream contains a song about the one and only John Gurda. Yes, “Scholar Gurda, John” pays tribute to the beloved and ubiquitous bike-riding Milwaukee writer and historian via two minutes and twenty-seven seconds of whimsical, sing-along goodness. It boasts lines like “He was probably taking notes in his mother’s womb.” It has a whistling breakdown. It’s beyond delightful.

If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the rest of Neighborhood Daydream and go to tonight’s show (Wavy V and The Old Northwest will play in support). And if you need even more Gurda in your life (who doesn’t?), be sure to check out our recent collection of 12 pictures of John McGivern and John Gurda hanging out and being friends.


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