When one thinks of psych music in the 21st century, one tends to think of heavy, effects-laden rock. But there’s another side to modern psych—a softer, more melodic side that trades swirling dervishes of noise for baroque instrumentation and lyrical flights of fancy. For three years, Milwaukee’s Ravi/Lola has represented that latter side to great effect. The group’s 2015 album, II: Ravi’s Tramadol, was a 20-track collection of childlike psychedelia and canny pop craftsmanship. Now, Ravi/Lola is releasing a teaser for its follow-up record, Shape Up Shoulders, with an enigmatic video for the equally enigmatic “Organization Structure.”

Filmed and edited by Aaron Bradley, the video finds Ravi/Lola frontman Casey Seymour stalking through a darkened house by candlelight, only to discover the mysterious visages of bandmates Nick Wieczorkowski, Anton Sieger, Robert Thomas (talking into a handheld shower head, natch), and, well, himself. An outdoor interlude breaks up the nighttime search and highlights the clip’s subtle Wes Anderson vibe.

Ravi/Lola will celebrate the release of Shape Up Shoulders Friday, June 2 at Company Brewing. Phylums and Blue Unit will play in support. Before that, the band will play Milwaukee Psych Fest Saturday, May 13 at Company Brewing.

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