What’s better than Rock ‘N’ Roller Remote Controller? The Milwaukee-made program’s endearingly lo-fi production value combined with local music and a dash of punk-tinged campiness has entertained a proud and fortunate few viewers for years now. Following its season one finale way back in 2013, the shoestring-budget show was silent in 2014 and managed just one episode in 2015. Some 13 months later, RRRC is ready to unveil episode two of its second season and, boy, it’s something.

In it, our host, Tabman, begins by gazing at the clouds (with violent consequences) before receiving a gift from “the pizza gods.” While trying to bake his heavenly treasure, he’s interrupted by some nosy neighbors, who are convinced he stole their weed whacker. Between Tabman’s interrogation and the episode’s conclusion, the protagonist mingles with stop-animated animal versions of Sugar Stems and encounters a psychedelic and intergalactic new video from Space Raft. Between the cheesy acting, the knowingly-no-budget special effects, and great music throughout, this episode is not to be missed.