Originally expected out last fall, the long-awaited Season 2 premiere of Milwaukee-made show Rock ’N’ Roller Remote Controller was posted on YouTube today in rather unheralded fashion, especially considering the Season 1 finale came out way back in May of 2013. Like a Midwestern TV Funhouse with a punk rock twist, the episode is technically a reboot of the series. “We felt like we needed a fresh start so that new people could start watching the show without having seen previous episodes to know what is going on,” producer Karen Deau says.

The episode finds our host, Tabman, in desperate need of a break from his adventurous exploits. Instead, he gets a visit from Deau’s band, The Olives (which leads into a familiar music video). There’s also an eventful trip to the museum with Alabama band The Nightmare Boyzzz, an animated squirrel scalping itself, a grotesque performance by Little Zombie Babies, and a rescue mission issued by The President himself.

It’s fun, campy, and low-fi, with just enough plot and special effects to let you know they really care. The next episode will feature another familiar music video by Sugar Stems and an appearance by Space Raft.

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