If you’re looking for a band that practically screams “the ’90s!” you could do a lot worse than Veruca Salt. The band’s 1994 album American Thighs contained a monster single for the 120 Minutes crowd, “Seether,” and plenty of alt- attitude from frontwomen Nina Gordon and Louise Post. But like a lot of ’90s buzz acts, Veruca Salt fizzled fast, releasing only one more full-length (1997’s Eight Arms To Hold You, which contained another monster single, “Volcano Girls”) before breaking up. Post carried the Salt name forward sans Gordon, but the group never caught fire or made videos involving bungie cords again.

Fast forward a few decades, and Gordon and Post have put aside their differences just in time to celebrate the 20th (!) anniversary of American Thighs. The original lineup of Veruca Salt—including Jim Shapiro and Steve Lack—will perform Thursday, July 10 at Turner Hall Ballroom. General admission tickets are $22.50, and go on sale Friday, April 18. Awesome.