For the past 10 years, Yield has made an East Side name for itself with lively crowds, lively live music, and a whole lot of ’90s band posters plastered to the walls. The one thing the bar hasn’t been known for is food. Yield did dabble with small plate dining during its first few years of existence, but most of the past decade has found the spot bereft of bites to eat. Looking for some grub to go along with that Goldschläger and GGOOLLDD show? Hike on over to Ma Fischer’s, pal.

Last month, however, an independently owned and operated restaurant by the name of Comiskey’s Burgers opened up inside of Yield, offering Chicago-style hot dogs (hence the Windy City-inspired name), Italian beef, Italian sausage, wings, fries, and the like. Strangely, only one burger (“The Big Hurt”) found its way onto the menu. But all that ponderous patty-less-ness is over, as newly installed head chef Bryan Dorn has remade the Comiskey’s menu into something that lives up to a place with the word “burgers” in its name.

“I’m trying to expand the menu to more burgers, and ones that will correspond with our wing sauces,” Dorn tells Milwaukee Record. “We have a bourbon BBQ sauce that will come with a bacon cheddar burger and fried onion strings. A Jamaican jerk burger will come with a ginger apple chutney and citrus coleslaw. A habanero burger with pickled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, and lime crema. And then a buffalo burger with buffalo sauce, pepper jack, and blue cheese dressing. Those sauces will also play with the wings.”

Other items on Comiskey’s revamped menu include pork, chicken, and beef tacos served with lime crema and roasted tomato salsa; fresh cut fries that can be made into “loaded” fries with cheese sauce; homemade chili that can be made into chili cheese fries; a grilled cheese sandwich with spinach pesto and mozzarella; two salads; and, of course, plenty of hot dogs and sausages. All of Comiskey’s menu items can be made veggie-friendly, Dorn says.

Comiskey’s is open every day from 4-11 p.m.