If you’re familiar with experimental folk force Old Earth, you’re probably still reeling from the semi-recent release of the 13-minute masterpiece All Kill. In addition to quickly gaining steam locally, Todd Umhoefer’s creative vehicle caught the attention of mini50, an Edinburgh, Scotland-based record label that has put out each of Old Earth’s five rapid-fire releases since 2013’s Small Hours EP.

Last fall, Umhoefer flew to Scotland. Based on the new Old Earth tour video, it wasn’t so much a European vacation as a full-fledged work trip.

While across the pond, Umhoefer recorded a studio session, played a few club shows, and did a series of field recordings—one of which was done as a graffiti artist painted a badass Old Earth logo on a wall in Edinburgh.

The recordings have been combined into a tour album, Milwaukee To Edinburgh, 2013. The release was given to backers of a crowdfunding campaign that helped facilitate the trip; but it was made available to non-Kickstarter backers earlier this week, too. This unique recording should be enough to hold fans in both continents over until the next Old Earth release, which is slated for July. Umhoefer plans to go to Scotland again this fall.

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