We’ve said it before and we’ll ask it again. What’s better than Rock ‘N’ Roller Remote Controller? Every so often, the lowbrow and even lower budget Milwaukee-made show graces viewers with a new episode that combines absurd storylines, local music videos, and laughably lo-fi special effects. Though it’s been more than a year since RRRC’s last installment, the show has more than made up for lost time with the latest episode.

The just-released episode—the third in the series’ second season—finds Tabman accidentally killing Lutheran Heat. Unable to process what he’s just done, he uses his magic remote control to turn down his guilt, which renders him both a jerk and a dick. Along the way, Iron Pizza drops by for a visit, Tab plays video games with a robot, and the Minnesota Vikings have their season ruined.

Turn down your guilt dial and turn up the volume to watch the latest Rock ‘N’ Roller Remote Controller episode. You won’t regret it.

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