On October 13, 2015, Jay Joslyn set out to write a song. The goal was to complete it within one week’s time. After he did that, he set out to do it 51 more times. Joslyn decided to release that year’s worth of material under the name Lifetime Achievement Award. October 13, 2016 marked the conclusion of the purposeful project’s song-a-week push, at which point Joslyn released those songs in the form of the 52-track Today Hard, Tomorrow Hard. Though the self-imposed challenged had been successfully completed, the project’s founder opted to keep Lifetime Achievement Award alive and to officially welcome some new members into the fold to contribute as his other bands—Ugly Brothers and Migo—came to an end.

With the addition of drummer Grant Postier and his former Ugly Brothers bandmate Alex Shah on bass for live outings and on some recordings, Joslyn and his counterparts have written, recorded, and released a slew of new material. Since the 52-song album was released in late 2016, Lifetime Achievement Award has managed to put out a pair of releases per year. According to Joslyn, that two-EP trend is likely to continue in 2019.

Today, Lifetime Achievement Award chipped away at that daunting goal with the release of its first single of the year. “The Melatonin” is a woozy composition with both a tempo and lyrics that seem to perfectly suit the eponymous supplement’s sleepy side effects. Joslyn says the song was self-recorded late last year and that it’ll be part of an EP the band is planning to put out this summer to complement some Midwest tours.

You can see Lifetime Achievement Award at Company Brewing this Friday. The band will play in support of Animals In Human Attire and Nickel&Rose. In the meantime, get ready for that show and even more new music from Jay Joslyn and company this year with a strong dose of “The Melatonin.”

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