With such a wealth of talent at its disposal, the Milwaukee music scene can sometimes feel a bit insular. Local artists playing with other local artists. Friends playing with friends. Lather, rinse, repeat. And while Milwaukee groups sharing bills with out-of-towners certainly isn’t rare, one recent series is more deliberate than most in this cross-pollination: Music Go Round x Volta Records Present. (Greenfield music institutions represent!)

“The basic purpose of the series is to provide a high quality, affordable, and musically diverse show series for an all-ages crowd that treats artists well while fostering relationships between Midwestern cities,” explains Sahan Jayasuriya, who booked two installments of the series in 2023.

Now, Music Go Round x Volta Records Present is set to return on Saturday, January 27 at the Cactus Club. The stacked show will feature sets from Tollbooth (“Y2K indie rock from Madison”), Cult Of Lip (“Blissed-out shoegaze from Madison”), Bad Crime (“Milwaukee loud fast rock n roll”), and Winona Driver (“Fuzzed-up pop from Chicago”). Volta Records DJs will also be on hand. The all-ages, 7 p.m. show will cost you a mere $15.

Ahead of the Midwest showcase, here’s a quick sampling of the groups involved. See you Saturday, Milwaukee/Madison/Chicago!





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