Back in March, we introduced you to Mini Meltdowns—a new punk project that features current and former members of The Promise Ring, Limbeck, Dashboard Confessional, Rx Drugs, The Benjamins, and Sherbert—and debuted “Number On Me,” the Nashville/Milwaukee supergroup’s lead single from its debut 7-inch. Having already made an excellent first impression in recorded format, the Jon Phillip-led outfit is ready to treat listeners to a visual pairing of the single.

The “Number On Me” music video uses the familiar themes of loss and grief and takes them someplace strange. Filmed at a variety of romantic and recognizable locations throughout Milwaukee, director Nick Sommer documents a budding relationship that quickly goes awry. After the leading man (played by Sommer) loses his wife (Angie Campbell), he takes some unconventional measures to try and recreate the relationship he once had. Phillip thought the character’s mentally unstable turn worked well with the overarching theme of the Mini Meltdowns song.

“I thought the concepts parallel each other nicely and would make for an interesting visual to the song’s mood and lyrics,” Phillip tells Milwaukee Record.

Phillip also appears in the video, singing along as a he stows away in the atypical and artificial couple’s trunk. Midnight Reruns front man Graham Hunt also shows up in the trunk to play the same blistering solo he contributed to the recording. While we continue to wait for the first Mini Meltdowns show, the “Number On Me” music video—much like its inventive concept—is a suitable substitute for the real thing. You can watch the video below.

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