When one thinks of the inspirations behind Milwaukee glam-punk outfit Indonesian Junk, one typically thinks of the obvious choices: Dead Boys, New York Dolls, anything from the ’70s-era CBGB scene, etc. But a new cover from the Brew City band digs a bit deeper into the glam-punk canon. “She Stands There” is a classic track from influential-but-shoulda-been-bigger New York group D Generation. Not surprisingly, Indonesian Junk does it justice.

Indonesian Junk singer Daniel James tells us the song was recorded during sessions for the group’s (terrific) 2021 album Living In A Nightmare, and that it will appear on a future DGen tribute album. And hey! The art for the song is even done up to look like DGen’s 1996, Ric Ocasek-produced recored No Lunch (on which “She Stands There” originally appears). Blast it now, all ye degenerates.

Oh, and here’s the original!

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