Death. Taxes. Another snotty, glammed-up record from Milwaukee’s Indonesian Junk. These are the three certainties in life, folks. One is grim, the other grimmer; happily, the third makes the whole thing worthwhile. If only for 30 minutes or so.

When we last heard from Indonesian Junk, the band was releasing its terrific sophomore album Stars In The Night. Per our review: “Bratty punk and hook-y power-pop are once again the order of the day (the band’s name comes from a Cheap Trick lyric, after all), but there’s something winningly vulnerable and sincere in the way that they’re delivered.” And so it goes for Darkness Calling, a four-song EP that finds Indonesian Junk at the top of its CBGB-circa-1974 game. Also, there’s a KISS cover.

“I heard you was back in town / I’ve been waiting to take you down / ‘Cuz when I find you, you’re gonna get beat up,” sings Daniel James on opener “When I Find You.” If there’s a better introduction to Indonesian Junk’s dirtball swagger, we’d love to hear it. From there, it’s on to the KISS classic “C’mon And Love Me” (complete with a sneaky “Detroit Rock City” outro), the desperate “I Could Die,” and the anthemic trashiness of “See The Light.” Recorded by Shane Hochstettler at Howl Street Recordings, it all adds up to another bracing hit of Indonesian Junk goodness.

The band will celebrate the release of Darkness Calling Thursday, August 23 at High Dive. Fox Face and DJ Chopper will play in support. Until then, listen to the EP below, only on Milwaukee Record.