When we last checked in with TENLo, the Milwaukee rock duo had released a video for their 2017 song “Kill All The Things.” Starring Dustin Diamond. With Diamond playing Harvey Weinstein. And getting stabbed to death. How to top that? Well, read the headline.

Yes, TENLo’s latest video—for the song “Sunshine”—not only features adult film star Stormy Daniels, but it was directed by her, too. Filmed over four days in the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Hart, Michigan, the video shows TENLo’s Joey Zak and TomE LaBrosse stumbling around in the sweltering heat, coming across some sand-filled lemons, and, eventually, meeting a heavenly Stormy Daniels. Does Daniels turn the lemons into lemonade? Yes she does.

Incredible. Want to know how the whole TENLo/”Sunshine”/Stormy Daniels thing came to be? Read this piece from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and check out a behind-the-scenes below.

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