If the name Flat Teeth doesn’t mean anything to you, there’s a good reason for that. Though the project has been writing and rehearsing in some capacity since 2016, the unknown Milwaukee indie outfit—which features current and former members of John The Savage, Paper Holland, Queen Hilma, The Invaders, Twelve Ounce Prophet, and more in its ranks—hasn’t played a single show yet, and they’ve yet to release any material. That will all change soon, though, as Flat Teeth will play its first show at Cactus Club next week, and will put out their debut EP by the end of September.

Partway into Flat Teeth’s quiet existence, Paper Holland and Queen Hilma guitarist Andy Kosanke joined the band because he was a fan of the members’ associated acts and he thought the louder, darker material would challenge him artistically.

“Initially, I was interested because we’ve all known each other for a long time, I’m a fan of the music they’ve created in other bands, and I thought that hanging out in a basement and being loud together would be fun,” Kosanke says. “Creatively, I knew it would force me to take a different approach to playing guitar, singing, and writing, and that was all appealing to me.”

Flat Teeth’s sound will soon be on display on Winter House, a six-song EP the band will release next month. Before the band plays its first show at Cactus Club with Vanity Plates, Starterjacket, and Something Like A Monument on August 22 and prior to the September 29 release show for their Winter House EP (also at Cactus Club), listen to the EP’s title track now.

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