Mention “a/s/l” to computer users of a certain age and you’ll get knowing smiles and more than a few online horror stories. The “age/sex/location” question was ubiquitous in AOL and AOL-esque chatrooms back in the day (ICQ, baby!), leading to all sorts of awkwardness, embarrassment, and early catfishing. Hell, it’s probably still ubiquitous today. If anyone splashes around in those areas of the internet, please let us know (or not).

Anyway, let’s give a big cyber welcome to Chit Chat, a great new Milwaukee band with connections to plenty of great old Milwaukee bands. Singer-songwriter Harrison Colby and drummer Jeremy Ault hail from NO/NO and The Delphines, while bassist Carmella D’Acquisto previously appeared with Colby on his excellent Beat Index project. Chit Chat describes itself as a “twee-punk band” influenced by “the UK/Irish indie pop of the ’80s and late aughts.” Labels and influences aside, the group’s debut single, “Age/Sex/Location,” is two minutes of jangly, infectious, head-bopping perfection. Colby has long been one of our favorite Milwaukee songwriters, and he doesn’t disappoint here.

“Everything about me I gotta hide,” Colby sings. “Everything about me is a lie.” Good stuff! Put down your LiveJournal, mute the sound of your dial-up modem, and enjoy.

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