Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We’re sure some of you aren’t planning to celebrate because of some combination of the still-very-real-and-very-deadly pandemic that our fractured country is still mishandling and, well, Valentine’s Day being kind of a dumb holiday. However, if you and yours count yourselves among those who are taking part in the holiday tradition, we’ve already put on our Cupid costume and put together a handy guide of ways you can celebrate at home this year.

And if you’re enjoying a safe and socially distant Valentine’s Day at home with that special person in your life this weekend, we’ve now gone the extra mile and took the liberty of putting together a Milwaukee music playlist with 13 locally-made songs that are sweet, delicate, heartfelt, and romantic as all hell. So light some candles, pop some bubbly, crack open a box of chocolates, and listen to some of these love-themed Milwaukee jams with the one you love. You’re welcome.

B~Free featuring Quinten Farr, “Say It”

Buffalo Gospel, “Hoarse As A Crow”

Cabin Essence, “For Your Love”

Caley Conway, “Your Wedding Song”

Decibully, “Your Love Is A Tempo”

Devil Met Contention, “Die Easy”

Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure, “If You Want Me To”

L’Resorts, “Spooky Love”

Maritime, “Love You In The Dark”

The Quilz, “Robot Love”

REYNA, “Heartbeat”

Sugar Stems, “Love You To Pieces”

Whips, “Nobody’s Fool”

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