Does every day feel the same? Do you wake up, eat something, pay some bills, stare at your computer and phone, and maybe work out with your cat? Dirty Dancing can relate. The art-damaged post-punk project of Milwaukee’s Eric Schoen has been clattering away for more than five years now, and, like the rest of us, chalking up countless days of mind-numbing modern life drudgery. Happily, all that drudgery finds a cheeky release in the video for Dirty Dancing’s “Don’t Wanna Be Satisfied,” a video that should be relatable to anyone currently alive in the 21st century.

Directed, produced, and edited by Schoen, the clip finds the frontman, well, waking up, eating something, paying some bills, staring at his computer and phone, and working out with his cat. It also turns the old music video trope of blurring out offensive imagery and product names on its head, using it instead to mimic the tech-induced haze we all walk through on a daily basis. “Stay glued to the screen / For hours and hours and hours and hours and hours,” indeed.

“Don’t Wanna Be Satisfied” by Dirty Dancing from Eric Schoen on Vimeo.

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