For a band that’s been around for two years, Yum Yum Cult has been surprisingly quiet in the whole “recorded music” realm. The group has released just one song since playing their first show at Linneman’s in March 2018, and…ahhh, remember shows? Oh god, remember shows?

Anyway. There’s a new Yum Yum Cult song, “Convenience & Me,” and it’s really good! Singer-songwriter Palmer Shah tells us it’s about “the stages of a depressive episode—extreme highs, lows, apathy.” Indeed, the song is an in-the-pocket jam one minute, a scream-y freak-out the next, and a controlled-but-jittery shake the next. If there’s a song better suited to the constant ups and downs of the past few months, we’d love to hear it.

Similar to past Yum Yum Cult songs (well, song, “Up In The Tenement”), “Convenience & Me” contains plenty of memorable lyrics. Shah tosses out allusions to obsessing (or not obsessing) over “life’s little spills,” talks about the presence (or absence) of “sanguine beams,” and uses the word “futz” at least twice. “We’ve futzed around with obligation / Now we’ve earned ourselves a spree my darling,” Shah sings. “And I give sway towards confirmation / So long as it’s convenience and me.”

Great stuff. Futz around with your own obligations and listen to the song above.

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