You may or may not be familiar with Yum Yum Cult, but if you’re familiar with Milwaukee music, you’re surely familiar with some of the band’s components. The new-ish project features current and former members of Ugly Brothers, Soul Low, Antler House, Abby Jeanne, Temple, Moon Rats, Ladders, and many other local mainstays. And now, the ever-busy quartet (Palmer Shah, Sean Anderson, Myles Coyne, Charlie Celenza) have released their debut single, “Up In The Tenement.” Wondering what Radiohead would sound like if they dropped by the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks? Here’s your answer:

“Yeah the truth hurts, put out that fire first / Or let it burn because you just plum forgot,” sings Shah in a woozy, off-kilter meter. “You need a quencher to cure perpetual thirst / At nearly 30 I thought by now it would stop.” Boy oh boy can we relate.

“Up In The Tenement” is available for download on Bandcamp for $1; all proceeds will be donated to Milwaukee’s Grand Avenue Club, a non-profit organization “that provides people who experienced mental illness with opportunities for paid work, finding adequate housing, education, recreation, friendship, and helping members integrate into the broader community.”

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