It’s been almost four years since the pop chameleons of Testa Rosa dropped the exceedingly lovely II, which landed on our list of the 50 best Milwaukee albums of the 2010s (so far). Now, in the wake of frontwoman Betty Strigens’ excellent “Smith Uncovered” show for Alverno Presents, the band has stealthily released a new single, “Bad Wolf.” In case the cover art and today’s date haven’t tipped you off, the song may or may not have something to do with one of the candidates for Wisconsin governor. (Hint: it’s Scott Walker.)

The lyrics are kind of a giveaway, too: “At once he wants a great divide / We fall to our knees and cry” goes to the chorus, which would have gone nicely with a Mary Burke ad featuring grainy, slo-mo footage of Walker frowning or whatever. Partisan politics aside, it’s great to have some new music from Testa Rosa (the band says more tunes are “in the works”), and nice to have a somber little ditty running through your head on voting day, no matter who your candidate of choice may be.