It’s a match made in playoffs heaven: rapper Lil Wayne, Milwaukee musician Victor DeLorenzo, and your Green Bay Packers. Yes, ahead of Saturday’s NFC divisional playoff game between the Packers and the Los Angeles Rams, the two artists have released two separate Packers hype songs—a new version of “Green And Yellow” from Wayne, “Green And Gold” from DeLorenzo. LET’S LISTEN TO ‘EM.


Wayne, as you probably know, is a big Packers nut. (He came in at number 4 on our ranked list of celebrity Packers fans—right between Mark Borchardt and Jodie Foster.) Wayne made his frozen tundra feelings known back in 2011 when he released “Green And Yellow,”  a classic hype song for the Super Bowl XLV-bound Packers. (Favorite line: “Long hair, don’t care, Clay Matthews / We shittin’ on these fools, no bathroom.”) A decade later, the Pack fan is back with an updated version of “Green And Yellow.” And don’t call it a retread (both are remixes of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow,” by the way). “I worked on it for three days, too,” Wayne told sports talk show Skip And Shannon: Undisputed. “I don’t do that.”

Oh, favorite line of the new one: “A-Rod got ’em offside, free play / That’s a cheesecake, on a hot plate.”


Like any Wisconsin native worth their salt, DeLorenzo bleeds green and gold (or yellow, if you’re Lil Wayne). In fact, back in 2018, when we dropped by DeLorenzo’s house to talk about his new Nineteen Thirteen record, we ended up mostly watching a Packers preseason game. “I should have rescheduled after I realized the Packers were playing,” DeLorenzo said back then. Nah, it was all good.

Anyway, DeLorenzo’s 47-second “Green And Gold” is less a Packers hype song and more a rollicking rah-rah Packers chant perfect for belting out at Lambeau Field (or at home). Recorded with his son Malachi (himself a drummer for Langhorne Slim and other artists), the song dates back to 2010. Happily, yelling “AHHHHHHH!” and “GO PACK!” at the top of your lungs never gets old. AHHHHHHH! GO PACK!

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