One of the last times Juiceboxxx appeared on camera, it didn’t go very well. While Milwaukee Record is firmly in the camp that blames technical difficulties for his ill-fated performance on TMJ4’s “Wisconsin Tonight” in February, the awkward appearance still spawned numerous reaction pieces with the words “worst” and “all-time” in national publications; a few local rappers claimed Juiceboxxx set Milwaukee hip-hop back by a measure of years; and popular TV shows “@midnight” and “Chelsea Lately” took time to blast the ex-Mequon rapper on air.

If you thought going viral for all the wrong reasons would keep the Juicer down for long, you must not know Juiceboxxx. Milwaukee’s favorite energy drink mogul and “Thunder Jam” purveyor wasted little time before stepping in front of a video camera again—this time on his terms—in a music video for “Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall” off 2013 EP Front Seat Of The Tacoma.

Shot on Betacam by Kate Levit, the grainy video is a fitting compliment to the gritty and liberally-distorted song that’s (not coincidentally) about persevering through adversity. In it, Juiceboxxx takes to the boardwalk and walks a dog along the beach—shirtless, of course—on an overcast spring afternoon at Coney Island. After a tough few months, Juiceboxxx seems unfazed and invigorated in the no-budget video.

Posted to his site Sunday, the video precedes Juiceboxx’s 13-state, 18-show “Business As Usual Tour 2014,” which begins May 6. On May 10, he’ll return to the origin city of his Internet infamy to headline a show at Quarters Rock ‘n Roll Palace that also features DJ George Costanza, Platinum Boys, Stagediver, and WebsterX.