Back in June, we announced that Doughboys, a wildly popular and downright hilarious chain restaurant podcast, would be making its maiden voyage to Milwaukee this fall. A lot has changed since we first told you about what originally was to be an October 3 show at The Back Room @ Colectivo. Some of those changes include: the show selling out less than an hour into its pre-sale phase, co-host Mike Mitchell changing his newly-minted “Spoon” nickname to “The Artist Formerly Known As Spoon” instead, Doughboys’ Milwaukee show being bumped up to the far more spacious confines of Turner Hall, Mitchell getting cast in a movie that’s shooting in October, and the Doughboys announcing their Milwaukee show was cancelled due to that filming conflict.

Well, we have some breaking chews that’s sure to cheer up some members of Burger Brigade and Spoon Nation. We’re pleased to report the Doughboys show at Turner Hall is NOT cancelled. However, it has been postponed. The show will now take place at Turner Hall Ballroom on Thursday, January 16 at 8 p.m.. All tickets purchased for the October 3 show will be honored the night of the show and do not need to be exchanged. Just a word of warning: the show is already on a “low ticket alert,” so don’t miss your chance to catch Doughboys live.

Will they finally review Culver’s? Will they try a bunch of local “brewdogs” in the Drank Or Stank segment? Will Wiger complain about how cold Wisconsin is in the middle of January? Will Yusong do nothing wrong? Will Mitch liken his co-host to Jeffrey Dahmer in an ill-fated attempt to pander to the local audience? All those questions and more will be answered at Turner Hall on January 16. Get your tickets now!


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