If the first true day of March Madness isn’t quite enough to get you to call in sick to belly up to your neighborhood bar today, maybe the fact that it’s also St. Patrick’s Day is enough to do the trick. Though it’s tough to dislike a day that’s specifically set aside for day-drinking and corned beef consumption under the guise of being an Irish holiday, St. Paddy’s Day does come with its fair share of headaches. Bars are crowded with rowdy drunk people. Green beer is just wrong. Worse than anything, though, is the music. If the prospect of hearing that one Dropkick Murphys song or anything by Pat McCurdy is threatening to damper your holiday spirit, perhaps The Jerks can turn your day from blue to green.

“Irish Today” is the first and only song from new project featuring current and former members of The Violet Hour. The brief and rowdy anthem to imbibing was recorded at 1 a.m. Amie Productions by ex-Violet Hour guitarist Joel Martin. While the recording is new, the song actually dates back to 2013, when the band wrote it to coincide with a St. Patrick’s Day show that year. Though singer Karen Muehlbauer currently resides in Kentucky, The Violet Hour is still alive and working on material for another release. The Jerks’ status as a band can’t be delivered with such certainty. “[I’m] not sure if anything else will come of this project or if it’ll be a one-time deal,” Muehlbauer says.

Even if the band doesn’t write another song or if you haven’t a drop of Irish blood in you, you can still drink up and be “Irish Today” with The Jerks as part of your St. Paddy’s soundtrack.

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