Last September, Mondo Lucha decided to celebrate 10 years of high-flying lucha libre wrestling in Milwaukee by inviting an all-star cast of area musicians to perform in a project simply called “Supergroup.” The aptly-named outfit featured current and former members of such acts as The Promise Ring, Braid, Hey Mercedes, The Benjamins, Maritime, Whips, Platinum Boys, The Celebrated Workingman, The Fatty Acids, Rio Turbo, Tigernite, and more.

That 10-piece ensemble also featured two members of Devils Teeth, a young surf rock band that just released its outstanding debut full-length only days before Lucha’s 10th anniversary event. A year and a brand new EP later, singer-guitarist Jon Hanusa and bassist Eric Arsnow will be joined on stage by the rest of Devils Teeth when they serve as Mondo Lucha’s official house band on Friday, September 6.

To get wrestling variety fans ready for what’s sure to be another amazing show, Devils Teeth decided to preempt next month’s Mondo Lucha with a new single called—you guessed it—”Mondo Lucha.” The track was recorded last summer while the band was putting down tracks for their upcoming album.

“Jon had the riff, and the vocal melody came together pretty quick,” Arsnow says. “He tried playing it once at a small after party with his old band, The Suspirios, but they were kicked off the stage immediately for being too loud.”

Something tells us that’s not going to happen when they play it at Mondo Lucha. Listen to Devils Teeth’s “Mondo Lucha” below and download the song free of charge if the mood strikes you.

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