There are many ways to celebrate the release of an album. A standard album release show. An intimate concert in someone’s living room. Renting out the Polish Falcon and going nuts like Sat. Nite Duets did years ago. Or, you could follow the strategy of noisy surf-rock treasures Devils Teeth: take to the treacherous waters of the Milwaukee River and release your record on a boat.

Yep, that’s just what the band is doing Friday, June 21, as part of the Milwaukee Boat Line Concert Cruise series. Devils Teeth (Jon Hanusa, Eric Arsnow, Chuck Engel, Caleb Westphal) will not only play their upcoming full-length album, Chong Li, front to back, they’ll play their 2018 full-length album, Suki Yaki Hot!, front to back. Oh, and they’ll celebrate the release of a third record, the Jet Jaguar EP, as well. All on a boat! It’s only fitting for a group that dresses like a gang of Captain Stubings even when they’re on land.

While we don’t have much info on Chong Li—other than it’s already recorded and that it’s a “concept album loosely inspired by Chong Li, the muscular, seemingly unstoppable fighter from the 1988 movie Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme”—we do have some info on Jet Jaguar. Hell, we have the whole four-track EP streaming now for your listening pleasure:

First up, a remastered version of “Jet Jaguar,” a song that originally appeared on Suki Yaki Hot! Next, a slinky Guerrilla Ghost remix of the same song. Then, the terrific new “Speed, Power, Focus.” Finally, a manic cover of Tomahawk’s “God Hates A Coward.” Taken together, it’s just enough to hold us over until Chong Li is released sometime next year. What more do you want?

Well, how about a CD copy of Jet Jaguar? You’ll totally get one if you step aboard the mighty Vista King on the 21st. Don’t have tickets? Get ’em now, landlubbers.

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