When we last heard from Fudgy, the far-flung group of musicians led by Milwaukee’s Justin Kern (other members hail from Buffalo, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis) was offering its latest 7-inch record in exchange for a donation to Milwaukee nonprofit Street Angels. Now, lo these many months later, Fudgy is upping the ante: For the price of a donation to Milwaukee nonprofit Pathfinders, Fudgy will bestow upon you a vinyl copy of its new 30-song double LP, The Now End Of The Universe.

“A journey of escape when there’s nowhere else to go,” reads the description for the 90-minute double album, “a 14-year musical victory by the forces of chuckling wildness over those too fearful to live. Long-form exploration without all that wankery, shorthand exculpatory evidence in the trial of artistic taste. In short, a truly from-the-heart goof.” Beautiful.

Wanna hear it and hold it in your hands? Donate to Pathfinders HERE, and email your donation receipt to Kern at [email protected]. (The suggested donation is $25-$50.) As for Pathfinders: “Pathfinders’ mission is to empower youth in crisis to make positive life choices, which will ensure that youth, ages 25 and under in the greater Milwaukee area who are confronted by crisis or trauma, are safe and connected in order to develop a path towards successful adulthood and healthier families.”

And there’s more! A virtual record-release extravaganza is set for Saturday, December 19 at 7:30 p.m CST. The shindig promises “a Chautauqua-style evening of entertainment including songs from this album and, tentatively, a preview of a ‘switching places’ type movie involving DMX.” Wanna get in on that action? “Ask a punk for the Zoom invite link” says Fudgy (a.k.a. email Kern or mark yourself as “going” or “interested” on the Facebook event).

In the meantime, here’s the radio edit of the first single from The Now End Of The Universe, “Shabash!”

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