Before we begin, let’s talk about that name: Fudgy. Yes, there is now a band in Milwaukee called Fudgy. As in, “These brownies are kind of fudgy,” or, “Put that fudge down, Steve, it’s getting too fudgy in here!” Fudgy.

Anyway, it should come as no surprise that a band named Fudgy features members of Crappy Dracula 2 (formerly Crappy Dracula) and Scrimshaw, two long-running Milwaukee bands known for their off-the-wall humor and goopy hooks. It should also come as no surprise that those members tend to describe their new band in a highly specific, highly unusual way. According to Justin Kern, “Fudgy is mostly music from barely a band. We strive toward no genre yet work within these human constraints to produce a sonic something. It could sound like a dancehall number about a train museum that sells condoms; it could read like a brapping fart joke in a buried lead in The Economist. We are not arrogant enough to believe we will introduce you to the beginning of a new genre. This bores us, particularly in the face of more incredible goal—soul expansion, general unease, or an unexpected human laugh. If the music comes along, so be it.”

So there you go. Listen to Kern and company dish some “Dispensational Truth” below (the track sounds like a cross between, well, Crappy Dracula 2 and Scrimshaw), and see the band make its live debut Friday, May 1 at the Cactus Club. Peeper & LePlay (featuring members of Trusty Knife), Ramma Lamma, and Economy Superstar will play in support.

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