Milwaukee is currently home to many DIY record labels, and one of the best is Gloss Records. Founded in February 2015 by Harrison Colby (NO/NO) and Joe Peterson (Rio Turbo, Platinum Boys), Gloss has spent the past year releasing (mostly) cassettes from groups like GGOOLLDD, Lorde Fredd33, Marielle Allschwang, Soul Low, D’Amato, (ORB), and Surgeons In Heat, as well as Colby and Peterson’s projects. Now, the small-run label is prepping to celebrate its first year in a big way with Gloss Weekend, a three-day blowout in late May featuring sets from Gloss artists, and more.

Here’s the full, glorious lineup and schedule:

Friday, May 27 (Cactus Club, 8 p.m. start)
Rio Turbo
Soup Moat
Hello Death
DJ set by Dashcam

Saturday, May 28 (Mad Planet, 8 p.m. start)
Soul Low
Lorde Fredd33
Iron Pizza
Marielle Allschwang
DJ set by Max Holiday

A free after party is also set for Sunday, May 29, 9 p.m. at High Dive, and will feature DJ sets, drink specials, and a surprise guest. Milwaukee Record is a co-sponsor for the whole kit and caboodle.

Individual tickets for the Friday and Saturday shows are $10 at the door. $15 weekend passes, complete with festival cassette compilations, are also available, and can be purchased online here.

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