“At times in life, you literally must ‘feel the worst of it’ to appreciate the good things in life and remind yourself to be grateful.”

Those wise words come from Dylan Mazurkiewicz, vocalist for Milwaukee post-hardcore/screamo band Garden Home. They’re in reference to the group’s latest single, “The Worst Of It.” With lyrics like “The taste of blood / I’m coming undone” and “My world is burning / This feels like failing,” it’s a song that lives up to its title. (Musically, it rules.) Listen to it now:

“The lyrics in this song were born out of frustration and depression—including the things that hold us back like self-doubt and harmful coping mechanisms,” Mazurkiewicz continues. “These factors in our life play a critical role in wanting and choosing more for ourselves.”

But, as promised, there’s hope on the other side. Following three minutes of pummeling goodness—not to mention some career-best riffage—Mazurkiewicz and company deliver the song’s mission statement: “Feel the worst of it / Make the most of it.”


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“The Worst Of It” is the second single from Garden Home’s upcoming self-titled debut, due April 12 on Thumbs Up Records. The group will celebrate the release of the Cody Ratley-produced, Justin Perkins-mastered album at the Cactus Club on Friday, April 19. Excuse Me Who Are You?, Harrison Gordon, The Other’s Like Us, and Buena Cara will play in support.

Make the most of it: GO TO THE SHOW.


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