Back in December, Garden Home released postmortem. The two-track EP pulls no punches as it earnestly addresses feelings of remorse, confinement, and helplessness brought on by both the pandemic and the planet’s ongoing environmental collapse. Though the EP as a whole is a potent pair of songs, “Ghost” is a standout track. The blunt and booming opening song features brash screams and instrumentation. It’s simple, emotional, and to-the-point. The same can now be said for the song’s brand new music video.

Garden Home vocalist Dylan Mazurkiewicz says the band and videographer Samer Ghani wanted to make a stripped-down and gimmick-free video that was a nod to pop-punk music videos of yesteryear.

“For a song that’s less than two minutes, you don’t need much more than one light and a short, punchy edit,” Mazurkiewicz says. “Samer is an amazing collaborator and did a great job breathing life and the vibe of our live show into an otherwise straightforward performance-style music video.”

In “Ghost,” Ghani captures the essence of Garden Home at its best. As the band plays its heart out in a darkened room, a spotlight operated by Jamie Mercado offers limited illumination to add to the mood of the video.

“I wanted to get back to basics, so that’s what we did. We cut the lights, used a spotlight without a stand, and I held the camera in my hands,” Ghani says. “A piece of me wanted to make a video that you might see on The Box in the ’90s.”

Mission accomplished.

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