Though sports is always a relevant topic (especially in Wisconsin), each autumn seems to bring about a competitive crescendo of sorts. But it’s never been quite like this. The Brewers are in the NLCS and have their sights set on the World Series. Next week, the Bucks will start the 2018-19 season with a new arena, a new coach, and the Eastern Conference’s best player. The Packers are, um, trying to figure it out after five inconsistent games.

Ramie Makhlouf—co-host of “The Big Show” on 105.7 The Fan—is familiar with all this. The sports talk radio personality and stand-up comedian returned to Milwaukee Record headquarters to tell host Tyler Maas his thoughts on the Brew Crew’s playoff chances, make some predictions for the Bucks’ upcoming campaign, and to tell Packers fans to “chill the fuck out.” Along the way, Makhlouf and Maas talk about the bad baseball team they both play on and they try to pronounce the name “Equanimeous St. Brown.”

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