When you think of legendary band The Grateful Dead, do you think of five-course food-and-drink “dining experiences”? If not, you will now.

Yep, on Friday, August 5 at 6:30 p.m., Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel (139 E. Kilbourn Ave.) will host, well, a five-course food-and-drink “dining experience” inspired by the Dead. Executive Chef (and Dead fan) Paul Funk will create the surprise “setlist,” which will be served in the downtown hotel’s secret dining space, The Dark Room. The event will celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the band’s 1972 European tour. Will songs from that tour be played throughout the evening? Of course.

Tickets for this “Dinner In The Dark” event ain’t cheap—$250 per person—but c’mon, this is a five-course meal! And the Dead! Fun! Get your tickets HERE.

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