Last month, Midwest Death Rattle broke more than three years of silence (at least in the recorded sense) with a public domain footage-packed lyric video for “Post-Apocalypso,” the first single and title track of its meticulously crafted follow-up to its stellar self-titled 2012 debut. Today, the band issued its second volley of theatrical and nuanced indie rock to help hold local listeners over before its late-May album release show.

“Feed Them To Each Other” is a downcast expansion of Midwest Death Rattle’s distinct, layered sound. As singer Nick Perow belts out lyrics that are best taken in with a thesaurus nearby, guitars jut through a jangling piano. Like the previous single, which was accented by Isa Carini’s tuba accompaniment and baritone sax by Mary Rodgers, the band applies a brass finish to the song by way of Andrew Eshbaugh’s (Group Of The Altos) trumpet contributions.

Before Midwest Death Rattle releases Post-Apocalypso at Cactus Club on May 21, listen to “Feed Them To Each Other” now, only at Milwaukee Record.

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