We’ve already covered the staggering number of land-loving musicians playing in and around Milwaukee this summer. Now we know more than 20 acts who will take to Lake Michigan in June, July, and August as part of Milwaukee Boat Line’s annual Concert Cruise series. Almost every Friday and Saturday of the summer (beginning next weekend), a myriad of local and semi-local acts will board the Vista King to play for two hours as passengers enjoy gorgeous glimpses of the city, refreshing house margaritas, cheap Pabsts, and the knowledge that they’re in international waters, baby, so anything can happen! Okay, so that part about international waters isn’t true, but as we learned while watching Midwest Death Rattle play an unforgettable, rainy, and incredibly fun show on deck last summer, there’s truly nothing like watching a band you like while aboard a moving vessel.

This summer’s Concert Cruise lineup casts a wide stylistic net, meaning at least one or two nights (likely more) will appeal to even the most discernible music snob out there. Among the wide range of performers buoying the series, Midwest Death Rattle will play again, as will Canopies, Violet Hour, Blax, Avenues, 5 Card Studs, and—holy shit!—Group Of The Altos. Tickets are $20, which includes the show, cruise, one free beverage. Here’s the entire lineup:

June 6: Entropy
June 12: The US Project
June 13: Keep’n It Clean
June 19: Uncle Larry
June 20: Boney Fingers
June 26: Violet Hour
June 27: Category X
July 3: Bockenplautz
July 4: Blax
July 10: Steez
July 11: Maple Road
July 17: Max & The Invaders
July 18: Burgundy Ties
July 24: Avenues
July 25: Canopies
August 1: The Tritonics
August 7: Midwest Death Rattle
August 8: The Exotics
August 14: 5 Card Studs
August 15: The Appalachians
August 21: Group Of The Altos

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