Music videos can be used to communicate many things: the meaning of a song, the subtext of a song, or an elaborate story that has little or nothing to do with a song. Then there are music videos like the new ones from Milwaukee’s Scrimshaw and Heavy Hand, which set out to do only thing: show some people dancing like fools.

First up is an unofficial clip for Scrimshaw’s ridiculously ridiculous “Tiny Belt,” provided by mysterious YouTube user Seaners. (We’re guessing his real name is Sean.) Yeah, it’s nothing more than that “pumpkin dance” video with Scrimshaw’s song laid over it, but it works surprisingly well. Plus, it’s season-appropriate.

Then there’s the video for Heavy Hand’s “Bend At The Waist,” directed by singer-guitarist Anthony Weber. It doesn’t get any simpler than this: a dude in shirt and tie, wearing headphones, and dancing his ass off near the lake. Sometimes while holding sparklers. Other times with a flashlight and a miner’s helmet.

Coincidentally, both Scrimshaw and Heavy Hand will play this Friday at Riverwest Public House, along with Minneapolis’ Rabbit Holes. And while you won’t see the pumpkin guy dancing to “Tiny Belt,” you will see this:

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